Deadmau5 Creators Project write up

Creators Project interviewed Marcus about the Deadmau5 event I was lucky enough to be working on a while back. Here’s a little excerpt and some screengrabs from the app visualizer we used:

“Their approach was to create the visuals—a mixture of lighting and projection—using animation running all the lighting cues through video. So instead of using lighting programmers they used animators, breaking the songs down into their stems, then animating the lights to the music. They got some custom software written which allowed them to animate everything using MIDI, then created QuickTime movies which is what they used to drive the lights. It was a similar technique to what Lyall used on the Chemical Brothers last tour. The idea was there was no actual video content per se, instead they use projectors as a lighting source so they could mask off different parts of the buildings.”

Check out the whole article here.