Metallica: Full Arsenal

In August 2012 Metallica embarked on their Full Arsenal tour, staged as part of an upcoming Metallica 3D film directed by Nimród Antal.

ML Studio designed video sequences for the show’s LED floor, projection screens and 10 suspended coffins. Working closely with the production team, we used a mixture of live action, 2d and 3d animation to illustrate the themes of 16 songs. The sequences were designed to choreograph tightly with theatrical moments and to work on camera for the 3d film. I worked within the animation team, overseeing the show animatic alongside editing footage for various songs, and creating hand drawn illustrations for animation.

With the film’s highly anticipated 2013 release, the live show was described by Rolling Stone’s Denise Sheppard as ‘visually stunning’.

Show direction:
Dan Braun

Production design:
Dan Braun and Mark Fisher

Lighting design:
John Broderick

Stage design:
Tate Towers

Video Content Executive Producer:
Marcia Kapustin