The slow aching Nothingness of Time and Emptiness. “Paradise awaits”- Michael Perry


VOLT  review of the MASS: Into The Abyss Exhibition. You can read it in full here

“To coincide with the release on the 30th March of acclaimed film maker Werner Herzog’s new documentary, “Into The Abyss | A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life”, an art exhibition opens for a mere 5 days at Protein Gallery. Herzog’s film, which examines the death penalty through humanistic portraits, is acting as an inspiration for the show which gathers a group of artists – Alex Shepherd, Theo Turpin, Margarita Louca, Alison Moffett, Susu Laroche, Laurel Schwulst – showing work that has a unique perspective on its themes…

…The entire gallery echoes with heavy bass tones and ambience coming from Margarita Louca’s audio/visual piece #1218(30), made up of detail shots of a man’s body, such as his fingers and shoulder blades. The seemingly unassuming footage begins to gnaw at you after a moment, you feel that there is sorrow within this story, even though there is nothing obviously sad being shown on the screen. Whether intentional or not, the sounds coming from Louca’s part in the show add power to every other piece.”

– Excerpt of review by Oskar Lindblom