Video for “Straight Lines” by Shopping taken from the album Why Choose, released by FatCat Records on 2nd October 2015.

Playing on Andrew’s lyrics — the idea of giving so much of yourself away (your life, love, money) to someone who treats you with contempt and dispassion — we re-imagined fairly mundane furniture and household objects in the style of Erwin Wurm’s ‘1 minute sculptures’, to symbolise the sublimely banal act of giving yourself over to someone utterly disinterested and destructive — like the subject of Straight Lines. Nothing much happens over the course of the video, but it’s the every day act of being disregarded that wares you down over time.

Directed by Margarita Louca
Produced by Miriam Newman
Wardrobe and props by Jonathan Van Beek
Director of Photography: Alexandra Boanta​
Colourist: John O’Riordan

Not to mention all the wonderful people (and rogue cat) that appear in the video.